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Wreckerland has the fastest, most efficient, and cleanest car wreckers Melbourne has to offer, and we're willing to take your wrecked cars for cash!

It can be a real pain when you find yourself in possession of an old and practically useless car. Whether the vehicle has dutifully served it's purpose or it's lifespan was cut short by an unfortunate crash, you may not have a whole lot of use for it anymore. Not to mention that attempting to get rid of the car yourself can prove to be not only hazardous, but also quite expensive. Instead of letting the decrepit auto take up space and collect dust in your garage, you can quickly and easily salvage your old car to wreckers.

Gone are the headache inducing hassles of having to wreck or get rid of your old cars yourself. It's almost never a guarantee that you'll be able to do it successfully and cleanly. With Wreckerland, you can easily and quickly wreck wreck your car for cash. You'll also be offered instant cash upon collection of your unwanted auto, making the entire deal practically seamless, and completed with promptness and efficiency. We want our clients to feel comfortable hiring us, and have the information they need to move forward doing so. Here on our website, you can receive a free quote from us to get a clearer picture of how the process will go, and the parameters and details of your deal. You'll come to see that our prices are very competitive with other car wrecking services in Melbourne!

  • Sell your car to us for instant cash!
  • Cash On Spot for All Unwanted Cars Up to $10,999
  • We offer instant and free pickup.

Quick Car Removal Services by Top Car Wreckers in Melbourne

We at Wreckerland are fast, convenient, and effective auto wreckers and car recyclers based in Melbourne, who will take any of your old and unwanted cars off your hands, and will pay you for it!

1. Request a Quote Now!

Request a quote online and you will get quick response for car wrecking Melbourne wide.

2. Free Removal and Hauling Service

We are the top car wreckers in Melbourne offering free removal and hauling services.

3. Cash On Spot

We offer you cash on spot or transfer it immediately in your account

No matter the make or model of the car, we'll take it!

You don't have to waste any time worrying about whether your wrecked car will be accepted. We salvage a wide range of vehicles, as our thorough salvaging process can find useful parts and materials in almost any kind of car. Here's a list of the cars that we buy, which is practically all the types available to the general public. We aren't picky about the type of cars that we salvage. We only want you to wreck the cars you're actually willing to let go of. Even the completely broken ones you think are useless, as we salvage all types of cars regardless of it's make or model, current condition, brand, or age.

  • Cars - We buy any type of wrecked car you don't want!
  • Vans - Vans offer a lot of parts and materials, that are great for being salvaged.
  • Utes - Got an old Ute you on't use anymore? You can have it wrecked with us!
  • Trucks - We are even willing to take any large trucks you may own!
  • Easy and Hassle-Free Documentation for Cars to Wreck
  • We Pay What We Promise After Evaluation of Car or Any Other Vehicle



Our car wrecking service is Eco-friendly.

Not only is our auto wrecking service safe for every person involved, it's also safe and not detrimental to the environment. We uphold our wrecking service to the highest standard, one that ensures minimal waste is incurred from the cars. We make use of almost every part that we salvage, so you can even think consider us car recyclers. Our process adheres to the standards and regulations that Australia has mandated to leave as little impact on the environment as possible. We also make sure that our machines and tools we use for wrecking follows the same guidelines. We recognize the importance of caring for our planet, so we make sure to do our part in preserving it's health.

Convenience and ease is a very important part of our service, we take pride in the fact that we make the process simple and hassle free for our clients. Once you're all set and ready to have your car wrecked, Wreckerland offers free and instant pickup for your old and unwanted car or vehicle, meaning you won't have to go through the trouble of hauling it to any other location yourself. You won't even need to hire any movers or other services to transport your car, as we will gladly a tow truck to your location, ready to finalize the deal, collect the car, and bring it to our base to salvage for parts. You'll also be payed in cash before the wrecked car even leaves your lot.

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